Monday, 20 December 2010

15 miles... 6 hours

It's a long story, with some tragic moments, some comedy moments and one unforgettably tragi-comic moment which I may go into another time, but basically it took me six hours to cover the fifteen miles from Seaforde back to the island today. Stranded lorries, a near collision (with, as it happened, our nearest neighbours across from Islandmore), four bags of sand, two bags of coal, Brian McFerran in his vintage Bedford tractor (he happened to be passing) and a show of great good neighbourliness from the same neighbours I almost killed - all these were involved, but I got here in the end. And before you say, Would it not have been better to stay put, it's just as well I did make it because I have been off-island since Saturday morning and Lynn was on her last bucket of logs.. By tomorrow she would have been digging through the snow to find driftwood, or sawing up the furniture.
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