Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ringhaddy Cruising Club

The Old Quay, Ringhaddy Sound
Photo: Ringhaddy Cruising Club

News today is that Ringhaddy Cruising Club has launched it's website:
We don't cruise - indeed, we don't own a proper boat, just a dinghy - but we're lucky enough to be members of the club, which means the immeasureable benefit of the use of club facilities: most importantly, the boat park and the floating pontoons. Without them, island life would be perennially taxing, sometimes thankless and occasionally downright dangerous, especially in the dark early hours of a stormy winter's night.

One very useful resource on the site's Home page is a constantly-updating forecast from Windguru, which also has a link to the current tides data: indispensable for yachtsmen and islanders..
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