Saturday, 21 May 2011

One story, three takes

This afternoon, standing in a very long queue at Marks & Spencer which took me past the newspaper stand, I had time to indulge in a favourite pastime - scanning the headlines for the fantastic range of takes that is possible, in this country at least, on a single story. They all had something to say about a premier league footballer, a super-injunction, the courts and an obscure San Francisco-based internet company called Twitter. Now, I have to say that the footballer's name hasn't popped up on my screen, and if it did, I would be none the wiser; but I'm enjoying how the story has kept the sub-editors busy. If you want to play this game for maximum effect, I suggest you choose the day a big celeb-story breaks, and scan from broadsheet, through used-to-be-broadsheet, to tabloid:

Footballer to sue Twitter for breach of injunction
Daily Telegraph

Judges v. The Internet: Twitter users and the courts go to war
The Guardian

The Sun

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