Friday, 20 May 2011

Farewell Nova Scotia

It's always humbling to discover that people from far-off places which happen to be on my must-visit list, follow my blog - yesterday Bonnie, from Nicholsville, South Mountain, Nova Scotia, left a lovely comment on a post from two or three days ago, and it got me searching the memory banks for the words of Nova Scotia's provincial song, taught to me the other day (that's to say, in 1974) by my friend Campbell Gordon when we shared a carriage on a CN trans-Canada railway trip which started in the increasingly French city of Montreal, Quebec and ended in the quintessentially English town of Victoria, British Columbia (that's Canada - its multiple personality disorder is one of its most endearing characteristics).

I was only able to remember the tune, and the opening line - 'In the wilds of Nova Scotia' - and even that opening line was wrong because I've just googled it. The correct words are:-

Farewell Nova Scotia
The sea-bound coast
Let your mountains dark and dreary be
For when I am far away
On your briny ocean tossed
Will you ever heave a sigh
Or a wish for me?

Bonnie keeps a blog about life in Nova Scotia at Bonnie's Thoughts and Jots.

And talking about mutiple personalities, it's telling that in Europe if you ask someone from, say, Toronto where they're from, they will more than likely say, 'Canada'; but if they happen to be from Halifax, Nova Scotia, they will say, 'Nova Scotia'.
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