Friday, 4 March 2011

If you want someone to tell it like it is..

..ask a child.

Note: if you would like to see my earlier posts about Killyleagh Library and libraries in general, the links are:-

Monday evening's consultation meeting in the Bridge Centre in Killyleagh, when the community got the opportunity to put its case to Libraries NI on why our public library should be taken off the list of potential closures, was predictably well-attended. There were facts and figures, impassioned pleas and a palpable sense of outrage - though I cannot say, hand on heart, that I got the impression anyone was listening..

I feel sure that in the end we will save the library, because closure would be an act of public vandalism; the campaign now moves to another level, and I'll post on progress now and then. Meantime, my quote of the week is from a youngster called James Savage (don't ask me his age, I'm hopeless with ages), who nicely highlighted the chronic under-investment in our library over the years by saying (in answer to an earlier remark from Libraries NI that the number of meetings held in the library was one of the markers for viability), 'You know where all the chairs are as you go into the library - would you not have more meetings if there was a table?'
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