Monday, 17 January 2011

PS: Our Jimmie

Further to Saturday's post about Jimmie Young, I discovered there are CD's available so I may send for this collection and see if he still makes me laugh.

The only Jimmie Young character I remember was 'Derek', a rather neat and particular Belfast man who always carried a pack of sandwiches and an umbrella. As a 12 year-old I used to 'do' the Bus to Bangor routine in front of a full house (that's to say, half a dozen schoolboys - there were only thirty in the whole school) in the Victory Hall. Derek boards the bus to find that every seat is taken. The only 'available' seat is occupied by a hen, and with mounting frustration he approaches its owner, the woman sitting in the next seat. Probably wildly inaccurate, but this is how I remember the exchange:

"Excuse me, would you mind moving that hen?"
"That's not a hen, it's a pullet."
"Well pull it to Hell out of that and let me sit down!"

Jimmie did it better..
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