Saturday, 4 December 2010

Book Signing

The Old Post Office restaurant and gift shop, Lisbane
Book signings are a bit hit or miss, and during a two-hour lunchtime stint at The Old Post Office in Lisbane today, I wouldn't say my right hand was numb from shaking hands and scribbling one inscription after another; but the cakes and cappucinos were excellent, we were looked after very well by the lovely Alison Smylie, and those who did brave the icy roads to get their Still On The Sounds signed were as pleasant as can be.

Afterwards, we took the long road home, via Strangford Lough's western shore, and stopped for a picnic at Ballydorn. The sun was low, and the water still except where the outgoing tide pushed against and around the mooring buoys, etching arrowhead ripples on their southern, downstream sides.

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