Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pittenweem Arts Festival 7-15 August 2010

A day of good progress on the novel (so far), interspersed with taking photographs of Lynn's current work - always a tricky business at this time of year because ideal conditions are cloudy/shadowless/reflectionless (!). We took a few before the sun came up over Eagle Hill, and the rest in the comparative shade of the north gable of the cabin, a compromise which may or may not have worked out.
Lynn mixes her colours every day from pure pigment and a binder, and her palette is so subtle that my camera doesn't really do it justice.
The painting above is likely to be this year's selection for the postal invite to Pittenweem Arts Festival (their 2010 website isn't up and running yet, I'll post a link later), in which Lynn has taken part for eleven years. Pittenweem, in Fife, is her home town so although for the rest of the year she shows in galleries, she makes an exception for the festival and has the same exhibition space every August, beside one of the prettiest harbours in Scotland.
If you would like to see more of Lynn's work her website is

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