Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hillsborough Garden Festival 21st - 23rd May 10am-6pm

The Hillsborough Garden Festival starts tomorrow, Friday 21st and runs until Sunday evening (10a -6pm each day) in the grounds of Hillsborough Castle.

My sister organises the festival - indeed she invented it . For Claire, it's an all-consuming annual task which starts the day after the last exhibitor packs up and leaves the previous year's event. I have no idea where she finds the energy; Lynn was helping with the setup yesterday and says that Claire is everywhere at once, a phone glued to her ear, in and out of television and radio studios, trying to answer the queries from exhibitors, garden designers, suppliers, you name it, which have been coming at her from all side for weeks.

Somehow, out of the melee emerges Ireland's premier garden show - no rain permitted, always exciting, fun, informative, and presumably productive for anyone remotely interested in gardens or the outdoors.

My recommendation (naturally): a strong Go! Have fun!
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