Friday, 21 May 2010

Adelaide to Adelaide

Since they set off at the end of February, we have been following our friend Geoff Hill - writer, adventurer and very entertaining man, and fellow writer Colin O'Carroll on their epic 15,000 mile trip on a pair of Triumph motorcycles round Australia's Highway One - due to lose official, and acquire legendary status, like Route 66 before it, later this year.

They returned to Belfast last weekend, so now it's the celebrations, the DVD, the documentary, the book - who knows, maybe the movie. The book is to be published in October by Blackstaff Press, who handled Geoff's earlier hilarious accounts of equally epic motorcycle trips from Delhi to Belfast; East to West on Route 66; and Chile to Alaska (see Way To Go and The Road To Gobbler's Knob).

The link to the blog of the Australian adventure is on the sidebar, but here it is: My favourite post is the penultimate one, from 19th May, when the pair make a point of paying homage, on the last leg of their journey, to legendary explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks, and of visiting his grave in Penwortham: 'the last resting place of the only explorer in history to be shot by his own camel.'
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