Saturday, 2 June 2007

Call that a generator?

There is no mains on the island so we rely on a sixty-year-old Lister Start-O-Matic generator for power; a magnificent single-cylinder diesel that shakes the whole cabin and makes a reassuring thump, thump, thump in the background during long winter evenings. It does upwards of 2000 hours a year and is generally highly reliable, but sadly it needs an overhaul and we have had to shut it down for the moment.

This tiny 2HP, 850W machine, purchased as a standby two years ago from a DIY store for less than £50, was bad enough when it used to run (the lights flickered and it wasn't up to running anything useful, though I do admit it seemed to manage the TV) - but after just a few hours the standby has packed in too, and apparently it's not worth paying for the bits to have it repaired.

So until we organise something to borrow or hire, it's back to candles, oil lamps, conversation and reading. I was going to say Bring back the Lister, but it's been quite pleasant.
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