Saturday, 26 May 2007

Two birds with one stone

I had a lovely e-mail yesterday from a chap from Massachusetts, whose roots are in South Armagh and who is now living and working in, of all places, Saudi Arabia. He was very kind about my book but he also mentioned that he had discovered this blog, and looked forward to more ‘island adventures’. I would like to apologise to him: so far The Blue Cabin Blog has read like a wildlife diary, because that’s been the way of things in the last few days – and today’s post doesn’t change that. Island adventures/misadventures will follow as and when they occur…

I took my camera round to Pawle Sound to catch the the island’s perennial, but rather short-lived crop of Flag Irises (or Yellow Irises, or Yellowflags) before it dissappeared – and I did get some nice shots of these very delicate flowers, but as I was lining one up with the water in the background, this heron caught my eye. He had just begun to take an interest in me but he wasn’t in any hurry to leave – because, I firmly believe, he is the same bird who fishes beside our jetty every morning and who has come to regard Lynn and I (and even Rabbie the West Highland) as neighbours: occasionally noisy, given to unexpected bursts of frenetic activity but, for the most part, fairly harmless.

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