Saturday, 21 January 2012


Last night my mother went on ahead to be with my father. I'm sure I'll pick up this blog again soon but I think I'll see how it goes for a while. Apologies, and thanks again for the well-wishes, there have been some lovely comments & emails.

Subsequent edit: my sincere thanks for all your messages, on and off the blog, and I just wanted to add one thing which I hope will answer some people's concerns. We used a brief window of opportunity to get mum out of hospital (in her own car!) as planned; she was more than a little pleased to be home; she was greeted by Sammy the dog; the cats jumped up onto the bed; all the family were around and in and out; the medical support was magnificent and ensured that the great worry of comfort was professionally and sensitively covered; insofar as possible it was business as usual; and mum went on peacefully, and with family all around.

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