Friday, 25 November 2011

The virtual Blue Cabin

How surreal is island life sometimes.

Yesterday I was at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast with a glass of sauvignon blanc in one hand a nibble in the other, celebrating the launch of Blackstaff Press's eBook list and watching myself and five other Blackstaff authors give our impressions and expectations of this brave new virtual world in a promotional video; at this moment, I am sitting in semi-darkness in my office at the cabin, a pair of ridiculous-looking fleece trousers pulled over my jeans, two extra layers on my top half (one cashmere, one fleece) and a wooley hat, hoping that the dongle in my laptop will hold an internet connection long enough to upload this post and looking forward to migrating north, to the living room, where a blazing woodburner awaits.

The Blue Cabin, I'm honoured to say, is in the first wave of Blackstaff's books to be published in digital format, and as of yesterday is available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Sony Reader, PC, Mac and Android.

The link to the Kindle Edition of The Blue Cabin on is here, and on here.
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