Sunday, 13 November 2011


A correspondent from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, who I get the feeling has forgotten more about boats than most of us will ever know, picked up on the tiny picture in yesterday's blog:-

"I do have one question: there is a lovely looking little gaff cutter with top mast (if my eyes don't deceive me) on your blog you know any more about her? She's a beauty."

She certainly is. Her name is Madcap and as far as I know she is the oldest surviving Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, built in Cardiff in the same year that Thomas Mann, who wrote Death in Venice, was born: 1875. Why mention Thomas Mann? You might well ask.


It would be wrong to mention coastal Massachusetts without giving you this little gem from the great Jack Handey:-

"As I maneuvered my one-man sub into the enemy harbour, I smiled a little smile to myself. It amused me to think that the people of Massachusetts did not even realise that a Connecticut resident was right under their very noses."
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