Sunday, 2 October 2011

Shine Services

If you happen to live within twenty miles of Kilkeel, Co.Down...

Yesterday, courtesy of Yellow Pages, I organised a firm of carpet cleaners (as I thought) to come to my mother's house near Seaforde, and several bizarre, almost spooky things happened one after the other:-
  1. They turned up on time
  2. They were polite, friendly and businesslike, all at the same time
  3. They agreed to add to the job a two-seater setee which one of mum's cats had practically lived in for some time; an extra carpet in addition to the living room one they quoted for; and the windows, inside and out
  4. They were into moving everything themselves, though in practice I couldn't stand there and watch them
  5. They were scrupulously tidy
  6. They did accept a cup of tea, but they barely stopped to drink it
  7. They did a really excellent job - I've never seen (the house has never seen, even when it was new) such squeaky-clean windows
  8. They added a little for the extras, but not enough, given the time it took them
As you can see, I was impressed, and I see from their website ( they also do cars, caravans and commercial premises.

They're quite a young outfit and they deserve to do well :)
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