Sunday, 18 September 2011

Almost done

I hope to put my new website to bed by mid-week. I've just populated the slide show, which will be on the Home page, and it's now a matter of final (ha ha) tweaks and dealing with optimisation before it goes live. It had better be worth it - I've learnt a lot but it has taken far too much of my time in the last few weeks, often between 2 and 4 in the morning or until the battery in the laptop has given out.

I decided to put the above pic (from December 2008) on this post because it typifies how you can fritter away hours on the smallest detail when you're building a website. I must have tried it large, medium and small; portrait, landscape, transparent and rotated; beshadowed, bordered and otherwise b------d about with before finally, believe it or not, discarding it altogether, albeit in favour of a similar pic taken in the same late evening session, and from almost the same spot: Ringdufferin, looking south towards the Mournes.
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