Friday, 9 September 2011

After humans..

I haven't tried this, but I'm pretty sure if you asked a dozen people in the street, 'What is the planet's most intelligent animal, after humans?', you would get a list which included these:-


Obviously, all of the above deserve a place in the top ten, for their intelligence/memory/communication skills/cunning or whatever; but it's now reckoned that the most derserving all-rounder is an animal we see quite often in Strangford Lough - the humble porpoise.

Below is a picture of a school of porpoises which was passing by the Blue Cabin heading south. I took half a dozen photos, none of which actually includes a porpoise, and for me, this strengthens their claim for runner-up (after us) in the intelligence stakes: clearly some wise guy amongst them saw that I was trying to take a picture and said, 'Watch for the right forefinger. We need to coordinate the dive with the forefinger. And... dive. And... dive. Excellent.'

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