Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fife Guide

Two years ago I was walking Eddie on the skerries off Pittenweem, and took a picture of West Shore in the late afternoon sun. It made its way onto my blog, I can't recall in what context, and then three months ago I was asked by the designers of this year's Fife Guide if they could use it for their cover shot. I said no problem, sent them a hi-res jpeg and said how pleased I was. They replied that they wanted to get away from the usual iconic Fife photographs of boats in the harbour, the Forth Rail Bridge and so on, and I said, 'Are you saying my photograph isn't iconic?' I didn't hear back on that, and in fact began to worry that they might have taken me seriously. However, three copies of the guide, complete with my photograph and even a credit for this blog, came through the letterbox at the weekend, so all is well - no offence was taken and I think it looks pretty good. Iconic even.
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