Monday, 27 June 2011

Save Killyleagh Library - the fight continues..

Hear hear! This is artist Carol Plackitt in front of Killyleagh Castle. Just out of shot to the left is our much-loved library - threatened with closure in April, decision deferred till September - for which the community has been fighting for months. Carol, whose particular area of interest is how people and books interrelate in a wider sense, drove all the way from Brittany in her van, whose satirically-charged livery is the perfect response to NI Libraries' indefensible argument that if local libraries are closed, mobile libraries can somehow fill the gap, to lend her support to the campaign. That's thinking outside the box AND putting your money where your mouth is (it's ok, campaigns are run on cliches). Good on you Carol, a community salutes you! (it's ok, campaigns are run on cliches..)
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