Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ringhaddy Daffodils

Nial (the boss), David, Lynn (clearly the worker) and Ronnie

Ringhaddy Daffodils: RHS Gold Medal for daffodils

Every year towards the end of June, Lynn helps out at Ringhaddy Daffodils - and every year, after three days of digging and sorting bulbs, she marvels at the stamina of the others, who keep it up for weeks on end! Three-quarters of a mile northwest of Islandmore on the mainland, Ringhaddy Daffodils has become one of the most respected growers and exhibitors in the UK, and despatches bulbs in the autumn to all corners of the globe. They sell via catalogue and online at

When I left Lynn over in the dinghy this morning, Eddie was keen to come along - it turns out has has his own agenda:

Ronnie and Eddie
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