Monday, 20 June 2011

Edith Warner

Edith Warner
I first posted about Edith Warner in January last year, and I'll probably return to her now and then because I'm reading her selected writings (In The Shadow of Los Alamos, edited by Patrick Burns). If the following passage makes you want to know more about this remarkable woman and the story of her tea room at Otowi switch in Northern New Mexico, do have a look at the original post.

'I wonder if these cliffs that have been reflecting the old sun's rays all through the years know how they calm the ruffled, troubled soul of me? I wonder if the people who lived in these cliff caves so long ago felt as I do the sureness, the timelessness of them and so walked calmly through life. When I come here and sit on the stone worn smooth and  a bit hollowed by moccasined feet, with my back against the cliff, so solid and assuring, around me the entrances to caves where people lived, loved and died, my mind clears as do troubled waters when the sand sinks to the bottom of the pool.'
From Fiesta Time at San Ildesfonso

Edith Warner at Rito de los Frijoles, New Mexico
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