Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Yesterday's levitation post

Thanks to those who commented on yesterday's post about levitation.

Also, thanks to all those who emailed such imaginative and amusing responses separately - I've really enjoyed reading and replying to them and I thought I might pass on some (unattributed) extracts here.

Three or four people actually offered explanations for Dr Bunhead's extraordinary feat of levitation, and I'll keep these to myself as it seems fairer (and more fun) to let everyone make up his or her own mind. In fact, I took the liberty of 'moderating out' - a polite term for deleting - two comments on the blog itself for this reason: apologies to the authors, I hope you understand!

First, my favourite, and the most intriguing, as I think this person has a point:

" Astonishing. If he can keep that up for another 238,000 miles, Strangford will have a man on the moon by Christmas."

And some others:

"Really amazing?! Do I dream or did you blow from beneath?"

"We do that every week at pilates!!!"

"I knew that veranda had a presence…"

"Wow, that's an interesting affair to watch. It must indeed have more to do with voodoo than with science…"

"I don't believe it! Whatever - it's clever."


"And may the Force be with you!"

"and for his next trick Dr.Bunhead will walk on water…!!!???"

"We've a circus in town, I'm sure they'd give him a job :0)" (I must pass that one on.)

"How cool is that?"

(from husband and wife) "…or is it really true?? I'm a believer but ********** is sceptical!"

"Thanks - but there must be some explanation!"

"How how how how???"

Actually, having said that the Man on the Moon hypothesis was my favourite, on reflection I think this one pips it:

"Great to hear from you. Hope you are all well and enjoying the good spell of weather."
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