Saturday, 16 April 2011

A kind of hush

A deep and rather disconcerting quiet always falls on the cabin when good friends have gone home; the more so when they include kids, and most of all when those kids are as delightful as Erin and Lewis. Mind you, we packed a lot into a few days, and as the post-it notes on our chart of Strangford Lough (above) attest, our visitors left behind more than memories. Christine is an illustrator (she provided the chapter-head vignettes for my first book), and we're honoured (a) that she sketched throughout her stay (by this morning there were over fifty post-its, a well-filled sketch book and much else besides) and (b) that she gave me permission to use as many of her exquisite creations as I saw fit for my blog.

So here is a taster - I think I'll put some more in a video, so watch this space..

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