Thursday, 14 April 2011

An apple a night

3am this morning at the cabin:

'Is anybody there?'

It was such a still night, Christine heard the small voice very clearly and jumped out of bed, maternal instincts apparently jolting her wide awake. Unaccustomed to the geography of the room, and the perfect darkness, she tried pushing the timber wall in several places before she found the door. Once into the corridor, she took a few steps to the right and opened the door to Lewis and Erin's bedroom.

Lewis was wide awake and a little unsettled. Christine could hear his tummy rumbling, and asked if he was hungry. He said he was, so she tip-toed to the kitchen and cored and sliced an apple, taking it back to the bedroom and slipping in beside the four-year-old while he ate.

When he got to the last slice, Lewis said, 'This is for you', handed it to his mother - and fell asleep.
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