Monday, 21 March 2011

On a clear day..

Many years ago I travelled across Canada by train, the CN route, and I remember my friend Campbell pointing out one of British Columbia's highest peaks as we sped through a stretch of wilderness: the awesome Mount Robson (7,500 ft). Even at this remove, I can call up the image in a heartbeat, and one day I hope to return for a closer, or at least longer, look.

Here in Northern Ireland, we have the Mournes - on a clear day we can see the entire range from Eagle Hill, behind the cabin. My mother and I picnicked in front of Slieve Binian (above) at the weekend, and what it lacks in grandeur compared with Robson, it makes up for in intimacy and, for me, in associations - some of my fondest childhood memories are of the Mournes.

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