Monday, 14 March 2011

Cabin Maintenance

This afternoon, Lynn and I made good on a New Year's resolution by starting a programme of maintenance and improvements which includes painting the cabin, felting the studio roof, refurbishing the timber deck, rebuilding the last five sections of the jetty, recoating the roof with bitumen and giving the boat a thorough makeover. We're trying to break it down into bite-size chunks by spending a day and a half or so per week; stripping the bathroom gable wall ready for painting, and replacing the window surrounds, was part one, stage one. I'll try to post an 'after' pic on Wednesday.

I intend to post on this tomorrow, but tonight I went to an excellent talk by the BBC's Writer in Residence at Queens University, Malachi O'Doherty, entitled 'Journalist or Jester' - I won't go into it till tomorrow, other than to say that Malachi's tales of forty years in the Ulster 'media' - which, he reminded us, is a collective noun encompassing many disciplines - were hilarious, illuminating and occasionaly quite scary..
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