Thursday, 10 February 2011

You got a friend in me

At dusk today, Eddie and I took the boat to a neighbouring island for firewood, and came across this young ram on the foreshore. There is a flock of goats year-round on the island - a dozen or so nannies and two rams. Because the other ram is older and bigger, and therefore dominant, this one is always alone, a social outcast. Today, Eddie decided to put that to rights, and made a tentative approach, following at a safe distance and and getting just a little closer every time the goat put his head down to graze.

With some persistence, it worked. As the goat passed through a gate, Eddie made his move and said hello; as you can see, the goat said hello back.

Whether they become firm friends, only time will tell, but this particular goat is certainly a loner, and Eddie is an only dog..

Subsequent edit, 6th March 2011: For the VIDEO of Eddie & Billy (You Got a Friend in Me), click here.
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