Monday, 21 February 2011

A fact of island life

Christmas before last, my niece gave me this excellent bag for crossing to the island by boat. It's 100% waterproof and has saved the day on many occasions - the only weakness, as I found out on Friday, being that it holds water in as well as out. On Friday night, Ringhaddy Sound was pretty boisterous, with a south-easterly wind gusting to gale force, and Lynn and I were forced, by the arrival time of the ferry from Cairnryan, to cross when conditions were at their worst. It wasn't life-threatening or even frightening, but there was no way, despite choosing an elaborately zig-zagging route, to avoid a good soaking, and when we got to the cabin the first priority was to get the woodburner lit, and the second, to hang our sodden clothes around it in such a way as to share the heat between them and us.

I had to be off the island early on Saturday morning, and stuffed a few essentials into the waterproof bag. Only when I got to my destination did I discover that the items in the bottom of the bag from the night before had been reduced to a soggy shambles. My digital recorder, various items of clothing and a file-full of paperwork - all were soaked through, including, I was especially upset to discover, the current assignment from my proofreading course, which now had a randomly-distributed film of blue and red ink on several pages and would be frankly embarrassing to submit.

I have asked for replacement pages, so all will be well, but it does point up the necessity to use the straps provided (see picture) to keep out the sea. I'll be more careful next time..

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