Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Island visitors

Since we were neighbours in Scotland, the Hawkins family have been among our most regular visitors, often at this time of year. They live in France now, but the kids still ask about their next island adventure, and we're honoured.

Their Hallowe'en visits are action-packed as you can see, but this time the fun has been tempered with practicality because they brought with them a sophisticated solar-powered lighting system consisting of a solar panel, a control box, a battery and a long-life bulb. It's the perfect island gift , and John and I spent much of the morning on the roof, and in the linen cupboard, respectively, putting it all together.

The system provides six hours of light on an average day of charge, and will not only reduce the carbon footprint caused by candles and oil lamps, but make late-night writing sessions more civilised - imagine throwing a switch at 1am, and a light coming on..

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