Friday, 10 September 2010

Monkey and Murray: Last day of hols

The two-man consensus (we don't have a say really) as to how the last day of Monkey and Murray's island holiday should be spent, came down to a compromise: Monkey wanted to fish from a boat, Murray preferred to gather shells and stones to take back to Edinburgh - so we managed both in one action-packed afternoon.

Now. Remember the final, very poignant scene from Bill Forsythe's Local Hero (1983), when Mac "Tell me what you see" McIntyre returns to Texas after his life-changing visit to the west coast of Scotland, and turns out his pockets in his apartment? They's full of shells from Ben Knox's beach, and we know he'd rather be somewhere else (indeed, the very final scene is the twilight 'ring ring' in the phone box on the waterfront, back in the Old Country). Well, the boys sent me this pic today, from Edinburgh:-

All good things..

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