Monday, 20 September 2010

The blog must go on

Recent piecemeal posting does feel like bad form, but we seem to have been swamped - sorry. I keep trying to get to the laptop, and something always intervenes. The good news, which surprises me a bit, is that I miss putting something out there every day; in the past I have wondered whether it's a self-imposed duty, a false obligation, but not at all. It has been said by other writers that just to scribble something - anything - every day is good discipline and an effective innoculation against writer's block, and I can see where they're coming from. The period immediately after doing a blog post, albeit it normally extends beyond midnight, is productive for me, and my novel has recently stalled like the blog. So, onwards and upwards.

Today's distraction was that the BBC are coming to film on the island tomorrow. We managed to find all kinds of things to shift, look out, throw away, clean or repair in preparation - can't have anyone upending on the jetty or going without a lifejacket..
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