Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Aspects Irish Literature Festival

Well, yesterday's filming with the BBC was fun, and the rain held off. Presenter and director both managed to put us at our ease, insofar as that's possible, in front of the camera, and hopefully it will make a good piece - the director certainly seemed pleased with what he got. I don't think the piece has been flagged yet on TV, so I won't say any more except that when the time comes, it would be nice, in a crassly commercial way, if it helped to sell a book, maybe a painting, or two..

Tomorrow, I'm at Aspects Literary Festival in Bangor, 'in discussion' with Geoff Hill (author of Way To Go, The Road to Gobbler's Knob and Anyway, Where Was I?) in front of an audience of more, we hope, than the AV guy and someone who went looking for Seamus Heaney and took the wrong turn.
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