Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pittenweem Arts Festival 2

The atmosphere in Pittenweem for the festival's opening night torchlight procession and fireworks, was even more magical than usual. We clambered out along one of the skerries from the West Shore and looked back on this jewel of the East Neuk with a new sense of wonder.

The pic was taken just before the release, from the outermost harbour wall, of a score of Chinese lanterns which reflected off a thousand upturned faces and drifted slowly across a dark and windless sky to the sound of Albatros, leaving behind a breathless hush - the prelude to a spectacular thirty-minute display which, if anything, surpassed all previous displays, reflected as it was in the inky stillness of one of the prettiest harbours in Scotland.

The omens were good because so far the festival has gone well; the crowds have come out with the sun, Lynn is selling pretty well and by all accounts, so are others.

The festival continues to Sunday 15th August.
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