Sunday, 25 July 2010

Coast (BBC 2): Strangford Lough

We've just been watching the first programme of the new series of Coast, which took in Strangford Lough, described by the presenter as 'an inland sea of eye-popping proportions'.

They were looking at the habits and habitat of the lough's 150-strong Common Seal population and I learned a couple of interesting facts: first, in low-light conditions they will use their whiskers to negotiate the seabed and even to find a meal; and second, as the population of common and grey seals combined (approx 350) is too large for the fish stocks available in the body of the lough, they will make feeding excursions into the Irish Sea as far as the Manx coast.

Our own Blue Cabin seal pup was a grey, but I make no apologies for including the video we took before he left us. He was here for three and a half weeks during December two years ago, and still does the occasional swim-by, which raises the excitement level in the cabin - especially when we have visitors.

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