Friday, 11 June 2010


I fought a losing battle with flu this week, so apart from checking my emails once, and responding to a couple of blog comments, I haven't had the laptop open.
I only mention it because it brought home one of island life's more inconvenient features - the sheer physicality. When I was at that stage where just lifting my head from the pillow felt like enough work for one morning, I absolutely had to be off the island. Just a quick trip to the mainland and back; but if, when you're fit and well, it can be challenging to row into a big wave, transfer from one pitching boat to another, footer with mooring lines and start a recalcitrant outboard, the whole thing is a lot more daunting, should the sky be blue and the sound like glass (as it was), when all you want to do is be sick over the side and lie down in the bottom of the boat!
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