Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hachi: A Dog's Story

We went to see Hachi: A Dog's Tale and I haven't wept so much over a movie for a long time - so much so that in a way I wish we hadn't gone. With echoes of Greyfriar's Bobby, it is the story of a dog's love and devotion for his master, even after death. With good performances from Richard Gere, Joan Allen and at least five dogs playing the star at various stages of his life, it is the Hollywood version (directed by Lasse Halstrom) of a Seijiro Koyama movie from 1987; and I won't give any more away except to say that it's based on a true story from Japan in the 1930s - which of course is why it was so affecting.

Every time I return to the island, Eddie is waiting on the jetty (as above) and it all comes back. Darn it! I wish I wasn't so suggestible.
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