Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The seal-caller

Since being put on deadline for a follow up to The Blue Cabin I haven’t posted anything, as all available laptop hours seem to be going into the new project - but I’m still shocked to see how long it’s been.
People often ask if we still see George the grey seal, who stars in the Grey Seal, Blue Cabin video (see the YouTube panel on the right). Well, he still does quite regular swim-bys, most recently on the day before Valentines, when he appeared off Eagle Point to the south of the cabin. Obviously when a seal first appears we don’t know if it’s George, so we go to the jetty and call a few times. If it’s another seal he or she might glance over, then dive and swim on; but George will come into the shallows and hang around, toing and froing and keeping eye contact, even when he turns on his back and looks over his shoulder.

Our friend Shona was staying with us, and she put her hands together and made a sound which she claims is actual seal-talk; mournful and rather more tuneful than anything we can manage, but she is a recording artist.. Sure enough, George appeared to be fascinated and they spent ten or fifteen minutes in mutual appreciation. I took some video, which at some point I’ll put together and post on YouTube: both of these pics are stills from the video.
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