Saturday, 23 February 2008

Sea Mist

On Monday we go to Scotland to deliver paintings to the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, and Aberfeldy Gallery in Perthshire. Most of Lynn’s work goes to Scottish galleries, although she has shown quite often in and around London.

The photographs above record the long-awaited arrival on Islandmore, four years ago, of Lynn’s studio, and as it is today, by the water's edge in front of the cabin. We loaded the whole thing on the dinghy to bring it across Ringhaddy Sound and there wasn’t much freeboard left, so we had to wait till it was fairly calm, and avoid moving around the boat too much during the crossing…

The title of the painting below is Sea Mist. It’s typical of Lynn’s abstract expressionist work – invariably landscape-based and for obvious reasons tending to have a maritime flavour. More of her work can be seen at

A PS to the previous post "Leatherback Turtle in Strangford Lough":-
I’m sorry to say the leatherback turtle was found dead near Portaferry on Thursday. Initial reports said it had an old head injury, though there was no word as to whether that, or starvation or illness, was the cause of death. Very sad.
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