Thursday, 30 September 2010

BBC Islandmore piece

I had a call today from the director of the piece which was filmed last week by the BBC, inviting me to come to Broadcasting House to follow up something we had covered on the day. He asked if tomorrow was ok and I said I would do my very best, as long as I could work out the logistics. 'Logistics?' he said. 'You mean parking etc?' No, I said, I was thinking of plane times and the journey in from Heathrow, and whether it was physically possible to get there on time at such short notice. 'We're in Broadcasting House, Ann Street, Belfast,' he said.

I didn't realise, but although the strand of which Islandmore is part was commissioned by London, it's treated as a regional piece so the director has travelled from London to do the editing etc.

He must have thought, 'Irish..'
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